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Pretty Damn Gorgeous!

Slap on the lipstick, trowel on the foundation, pile on the 3D mink eyelashes – layer by layer!

3D mink eyelashes
3D mink eyelashes

Dwhair Natural beauty seems to be one thing that most of us women are not willing to the show the world. We are convinced that the beautiful brown, blue, green or hazel 3D mink eyelashes that our parents blessed us with at birth are not stunning enough on their own. The soft pink or brown lips need red, gold, pearl or autumn brown gloss and the fair, olivey, dark brown, light brown skin tone that makes us all so individual needs a coating of foundation to finish off the look!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not condemning your acts of madness as I am a sinner myself. I have a dark lines under my 3D mink eyelashes that make me look like I have been in a boxing ring or that I may have been a Panda in my past life. I have a fantastic cover up stick that gets rid of them…..but the funny thing is, is that when I am not wearing it and mention to friends that I usually cover up, they comment that they have never noticed them before!

I have to add that the only other ‘enhancement’ I make to my face is mascara even though I have been told on countless occasions that I have really long eyelashes.

I will also admit that a little ‘3D mink eyelashes’ can make our tired eyes brighten and our chapped lips glisten and blush on the cheeks make us look like we actually have blood flowing through our veins instead of looking like we would love to be part of Edwards family in the Twilight sagas. So the key to avoiding a total makeup disaster on your wedding day and leaving the house looking like someone else. A professional makeup artist. They are there to enhance your natural beauty in the most simplest, natural way possible. This will avoid you leaving the house on your wedding day looking like you’ve just auditioned for an American beauty pageant and your husband when he wakes up next to you in the morning will realise that he has Mrs. Right that he has previously said his ‘i do’s’ to, still lying next to him and not smothered all over the white pillow case.

Manik Hair Studio
A beautiful boutique salon offering a full hair and 3D mink eyelashes service to the discerning bride.

Makeup 4 Brides & Hair 4 Brides
Specialising in AIRBRUSH 3D mink eyelashes and beautiful bridal hair styling.

Tracey Trezise
Tracey is an award winning Bridal Specialist with extensive knowledge and experience in creating the perfect individual look for every bride. Her friendly, helpful manner and her expert advice, will ensure you look your very best.

3D mink eyelashes
3D mink eyelashes

Earthly Beauty & The Edge Hair Salon
We will have you looking fantastic on your 3D mink eyelashes day. Hair & Beauty packages tailored to your desires.

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