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Hawaiian Party Costumes and Makeup

You may be having a party and have chosen a Hawaiian theme. Or, you might have decided to go trick or treating as a Polynesian maiden.

beautiful  mink lashes
beautiful mink lashes

Don’t worry men, we did not forget you! You can go as a Haka Warrior Hunk! Children also love to dress up in hula skirts and beautiful mink lashes. And, don’t forget your dog!

Whatever the reason is, here are some costume and beautiful mink lashes ideas you might want to consider. For sure it will put you in a festive mood. You will feel like you are already in Paradise.

For the Ladies

  • Grass skirt (you can make your own – see below)
  • Hawaiian print midriff top, bikini top or coconut bra
  • Clear sandals, flip flops or bare feet
  • Flower to pin behind your ear
  • Lei or leis – can be worn as anklets, crowns or bracelets
  • You can also take a headband and sew artificial flowers to it

To look like the glamorous vintage Hawaiian pin-up girls

  • Wear a figure hugging halter top with a cinched waistline in a floral print or a bikini top
  • Sarong or pareo as a skirt
  • With this you will want to wear stilletos
  • Flower behind ear and leis around neck

Or if you are a bit shy and feel a little exposed, you can wear a sun dress or a muumuu-style dress which is long and flowing, and usually comes in floral colors or patterns.

For the Men

  • Loose fitting Aloha shirt
  • Khaki shorts
  • Sandals, flip flops or bare feet
  • Straw hat or visor
  • Sunglasses
  • Lei

To look like the Haka Warrior Hunk

  • Bare chest (looks best with muscles)
  • Hula skirt or floral-print sarong worn tight like a short skirt – sort of like a diaper
  • Spear or sharp stick
  • Greenery around arms, ankles and on head (could be an artificial green lei)
  • Fake tribal tattoos on biceps or wherever
  • May need to use some quick tanning solution
  • Colored contacts (brown or dark) if you really want to get into it (surprise her!)

Hawaiian Luau beautiful mink lashes Ideas

To really have fun, add some vibrant Hawaiian beautiful mink lashes. Shades of turquoise, azalea, amethyst, ocean frost, and Aztec gold are just a few that are available to use.

Don’t forget plenty of eyeliner and mascara. Don’t forget the eyebrows too. Have fun with it.

Gotta have bright lipstick – come on it is just for one night!

There are some great eye beautiful mink lashes videos on this hub, so be sure to watch them and be inspired. I was.

Ideas for Face Painting at Your Party

Be sure to use hypoallergenic paints for face painting.

Of course, a luau brings to mind delicious fruits of Hawaii, including pineapples, coconut, and bananas.

Also, tropical flowers are popular, including orchids, plumeria, hibiscus and bird of paradise. You could even paint a small palm tree on some lucky person.

beautiful  mink lashes
beautiful mink lashes

Sea creatures are fun and easy – a crab, seahorse, dolphin, whales, turtle or seals. Geckos and parrots would also be hits. Sand dollars, shells and starfish would also make someone really happy.

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