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You Can Save Cash by Salvaging Your Broken Up Blush and Eye Shadow

In order to repair our broken brand custom packaging shadows and blushes you’ll need a small to medium bowl, 70% isopropyl alcohol, a cloth such as a t-shirt, a flat object that covers the area you need flat, and your cracked eye shadow ready.

brand custom packaging
brand custom packaging

Dwhair Take your eye shadow and scrape every little bit you can out and into the bowl. After it’s all in the bowl you want to crush the pieces into a very fine powder. What I like to do is use the end of one of my brand custom packaging brushes to do this.

Next you want to pour some of the isopropyl alcohol into the bowl and start mixing it up. Make sure not to add too much liquid. If you have any big chunks in there after pouring the alcohol in and mixing it up that’s a sign you need to add a little more to break that up.

It might take you a few times to get the right consistency, but once you master the technique it is quite useful.

Once the mixture is all ready, put it back in and fill the container you took it out of. Even it out with a cotton swab so it is equally distributed. Next you want to let it sit out for a few hours.

Next you want to get a flat object and an old t-shirt or some other kind of cloth. Put the cloth down on top of the brand custom packaging, then put your flat object on top of that and press down lightly. Again, this is after it has been sitting out in the air for a couple hours! This will make your final product super smooth.

brand custom packaging
brand custom packaging

Even if you don’t care about a smooth brand custom packaging, you still want to follow this step. The cloth absorbs excess alcohol allowing the it to fully set.

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