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Dating Tips Part 4 – Look Great and Feel Great

1. Men’s top appearance eyelash company in qingdao- Avoid dressing slutty. Overdressing and under dressing for the occasion can be a bad first impression. Consult an image consultant for a complete list of turnoffs.

2. Dress rehearsal – Once you know what works and looks good, it should become fairly easy and quick to prepare yourself in the morning or for a date.

eyelash company in qingdao
eyelash company in qingdao

3. Stop listening to salespeople – Don’t let salespeople eyelash company in qingdao you down with clothing that is not the most flattering. Have an independent image consultant help you with the shopping.

4. Wear a “conversation starter.” – Something small and fabulous, like a necklace or a scarf, can be a great way for a man to approach and thus start a conversation.

5. Every woman should own… – a black miniskirt for great eyelash company in qingdao, a nice watch, and diamond stud earrings are just some of the things that every women should have. Ask an image consultant what else he/she would suggest.

6. Avoid overdosing on trends and steer clear of the obvious. – Going trendy is great, but beware of heavy accessories and putting on clothing that just screams, “look at me!”

7. Take something off. – Avoid looking like a eyelash company in qingdao store. Be simple and elegant with jewelry and accessories.

Bonus tip! * Be brow smart. – Like your eyelashes, your eyebrows can really accent your face. Don’t be lazy! They have to be well groomed, and make sure that the shape really compliments your eyes. Go to your favorite department store and have them work on your eyebrows as you tell them you have a hot date.

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