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A Beginner’s Guide for Wearing Eye Shadow

There are many different brands and types of Handmade Custom eyelash out there, and most women do know the basics about applying it. However, eye shadow can be tricky to deal with for any one of a number of reasons. Read some great tips on how to properly apply eye shadow.

Handmade Custom eyelash
Handmade Custom eyelash

If you have bright blue eyes and choose a darker shade of eye shadow, you’re going to dim the natural color of your eyes. You should never choose colors that contrast. Instead, you should be choosing colors that complement your eyes, like a light blue for blue eyes, a darker tone for dark eyes, etc.

You also need to consider the tone of your skin. If your skin has a dark tone, like Hispanic or African heritage, then lighter colors will really bring out your eyes, whereas darker colors will simply blend in and create a more muddled look.

A lot of women just love matching the shade of their eye shadow to what they’re wearing. If you put on a green dress, your first thought may be to put on some green eye shadow for a complement. But you may end up creating a contrast that just makes you look like a cartoon character. Don’t focus on matching Handmade Custom eyelash with clothes. It’s just a waste.

A flimsy, weak applicator will just smear the eye shadow and it will look as if it’s painted on rather than looking natural. The same thing applies if you’re using a dirty applicator. Plus if you use a dirty applicator, you may end up mixing colors. If you used green the day before and are using blue now, you’ll end up smearing brown smudge over your face.

Eye shadow is a Handmade Custom eyelash that needs to complement your eye color. It needs to complement your skin tone. You’re not looking for something that really stands out and pops. So when you’re applying eye shadow, make sure that you’re using it sparingly. Unless you want to look like something out of a Tim Burton movie, take it easy on the makeup.

It’s common to apply two different shades of eye make up in order to completely create that shadowy effect. But you shouldn’t use the same colors on the same places. For instance, if you’re using a light blue and a dark blue, the lighter Handmade Custom eyelash should be applied from crease to the brow, not directly on the crease.

Following up on the previous tip, the crease is where you want to apply the darker color. Just remember to apply is sparingly and with a clean applicator.

The eyelid itself is often something neglected by women, and this is for the simple fact that it’s often hard to see your eyelid makeup when applying, so most don’t even bother. However, proper eye shadow is applied directly on the eyelid, and you should use a medium-toned color here.

Once everything is applied properly, it’s time to blend it all together. Be very careful that you don’t smudge, smear and create a muddled look. You should lightly brush over everything to gently blend the areas together. When you find that you’re dealing with excess Handmade Custom eyelash, the last thing you should do is wipe it away. Instead, use a cotton swab and blot the makeup until you have removed the excess.

Handmade Custom eyelash
Handmade Custom eyelash

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