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Staying Stylish After Baby’s Born

A lashes mink lashes instinct is to meet the needs of her baby before anything else. Once those needs are met, get selfish and take care of yourself!

Start with the rule of thumb that you must take a (quick) shower — sometime before noon — to get a fresh start every day. Resist the temptation to stay in the steam for a while so you have more time for your grooming and lashes mink lashes.

lashes mink lashes
lashes mink lashes

Makeup: Makeup application can take 20 minutes or it can take two minutes. For now, if you can really only afford to take those two minutes, so choose your makeup wisely. Your best bet is a concealer to hide any dark under-eye lashes mink lashes(sleep deprivation), blush to highlight your cheekbones and brighten your face, black (or very dark) mascara to open your eyes (curl your eyelashes prior to application for greater effect), and gloss for your lips.

Hair: Since your new morning routine might only include about 10 minutes for you, keep your hair styling basic. A regular ponytail for longer hair can get boring, so vary the types of ponytails and clips by doing low, side-ponytails with flower clips or by wrapping a strand of hair around the top of your pony to hide the elastic. For shorter hair, apply a volumizer at the roots and quickly blow dry, running your hair between your fingers. Apply pomade to the tips for texture.

Clothes: Pick clothing that will flatter your new lashes mink lashes. Avoid any article of clothing that looks like it’s going to split open. Accept that it’s too small at this moment; you’ll get back into it in a couple months with healthy eating and some exercise. Wearing clothes that fit will help you feel more attractive anyway. For the first few months after baby is born, don’t be afraid to re-use your maternity clothes so your body is comfortable while your body is healing.

Shirts can be tricky, especially if you’re nursing. Opt for tunic-length shirts that will feel flowing instead of hugging your new curves. If you’re going for a button-down shirt, make sure there are no gaps between the buttons from the shirt pulling lashes mink lashes and being too small. Layering with a fitted camisole under your shirt can also help keep you covered.

For your pants, it might be wise to purchase at least one pair of pants at your current size. For the remaining pairs that may be too small around the waist, try the “rubber-band trick” using a hair elastic through the buttonhole (making sure your shirt is long enough to cover it), or buy a “sleeve” to be worn under a shirt but covers your middle and the top of your un-buttoned pants. Drawstring pants can also be worn now and again later if you lose the baby weight.

A pretty dress can always lift your mood. Again, look for one that flatters your figure and isn’t tight.

Accessories: Don’t forget about accessories! You can never go wrong with the right jewelry and shoes. Complete your look with at least one item of your favorite jewelry every day. If you’re leaving the house, heels will lengthen your lashes mink lashes and give you a slimmer look.

Remember that when you feel good about yourself, you will be a happier mommy for your baby (and other children). It’s okay to take some time out of the day for you! Don’t be afraid to look great while showing off the newest addition to your family…and hey, Daddy will love it too!

lashes mink lashes
lashes mink lashes

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