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Using Mineral Makeup to Shape and Fill in Eyebrows

Perhaps your eyebrows are naturally thin or a botched tweezing job had left you with misshapen brows that have bald spots. Whatever the reason, with a little mineral luxury private label silk eyelash, it is simple to create the illusion of perfect eyebrows.

luxury private label silk eyelash
luxury private label silk eyelash

Mineral luxury private label silk eyelash is all natural, good for your skin, and economical, since a little goes a long way. Even better, rather than having to purchase several different types of luxury private label silk eyelash, mineral eye shadow is multifunctional, and can be used to line eyes and to fill in brows. Minerals will also stay put all day into evening, looking fresh and perfect until you wash them off.

Using Mineral Eye Shadow to Define Eyebrows
Step 1: Before applying any type of mineral luxury private label silk eyelash, thoroughly wash and, if you have dry skin, moisturize your face. When applying color to your eyebrows, take care to lightly scrub and then moisturize your brow area. The skin under brow hair is often neglected and can become flakey and dry. Removing any dry skin and then moisturizing will help the mineral luxury private label silk eyelash adhere to your brow area and look more natural.

Step 2: Before you begin application of the mineral powder, tweeze any stray eyebrows to achieve the shape and size of brow that you desire. The eyebrow should begin in line with the inside corner of your eye and end approximately above, or slightly past, the outer corner of your eye. The arch of your brow should begin between the center and outside of your eye.

Step 3: Select a mineral eye shadow that is a similar shade to your hair color, no more than a shade or two darker than your natural eyebrows.

Step 4: To help the minerals adhere to your brow, you may choose to slightly dampen a small angled shadow brush. Then sprinkle a small bit of powdered eye shadow into the lid of the jar.

Step 5: Dip the brush into the mineral eye shadow and then tap it on the edge of the jar lid to remove any excess.

Step 6: Start applying the mineral from the inner brow and then work outward. Use small strokes angled up and out to fill in the sparse areas. Then apply a light stoke over the eyebrow. Take care not to apply the powder too heavily, or you will end up with an unnatural look

Step 7: Once you are satisfied with the shape and level of coverage, use a brow comb to separate and groom the brow hair. If there are any areas that do not have enough coverage, repeat Steps 4 and 5 until you achieve the effect that you are seeking.

Step 8: When you are satisfied with the appearance of the first eyebrow, repeat the process with the other, working carefully to make the two brows match.

luxury private label silk eyelash
luxury private label silk eyelash

Don’t become frustrated if you need a few trial runs before getting your technique right. Becoming proficient takes a little practice, but once you have developed a technique that works, shaping your brows will become much easier

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