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How to Find Clients For Your Business

What You Will Learn mink eyelashes wholesale

This article will teach you how to think and plan to build your business. It is applicable to any mink eyelashes wholesale. I have used the specific example of the Beauty Business in order to give concrete examples.

mink eyelashes wholesale
mink eyelashes wholesale

Building A Business

Dwhair Business is about sales, getting more people to pay for what you offer them. And, finding more clients in any business can be very tricky. But, looking at it simply, all a mink eyelashes wholesale owner has to do is identify who is the most likely person to use his services and then attract them based on where they already socialize.

For a more specific example, let’s look at the beauty businesses. When providing a personalized service like hair design, mink eyelashes wholesale application, or skin care, there are two kinds of beauty businesses.

One is a store front or a location where people can walk in.

The second is where business is conducted privately and through appointments only.

Although the first business has the advantage of walk-in customers, this isn’t enough. Both beauty service businesses will have to actively find clients.

So say you’re a mink eyelashes wholesale artist that works at private functions, such as weddings, and also work by appointment only, how do you gain clients?

Well beyond the obvious, having a good portfolio, complimentary testimonials, you need to figure out who your ideal customer is.

What Do You Do Really Well? What’s Your Style?

Let’s say, for our purposes, that you apply beauty mink eyelashes wholesale really well. You know how to use makeup to accent a woman’s natural beauty and give them flawless coverage. Now, you can picture who would want your product. Women with an event that are going to want to look their best at, for example brides, bridal parties, girls going to proms, bar/bat mitzvahs, women who go to lots of banquets.

Once you know who would want your services then you can approach them where they already are.

Find Out What Your Clients Have in Common.

The one thing that all these women have in common is that they are either throwing or attending a party. First and foremost, you are going to have to do some research. Where do people throwing or attending parties go? If I’m throwing a large party I will most likely have table centerpieces of flowers and if attending a gathering I may want to bring flowers. This leads me to florists; women who have functions to attend are likely to be here.

With the same train of thought think of other mink eyelashes wholesale like caterers, party planners, photographers, videographers, dress makers, halls, churches, synagogues. These are all people or places that deal with the hosts and guests of special events on a daily basis.

Here is where you have two options (for best success do both, if possible). First, you want to find where the above businesses are advertising. How are they finding their clients? Then, advertise your mink eyelashes wholesale business in the same place.


“Want to look flawless on your wedding day? Call…” Remember to research smaller businesses because they will have a lower budget for advertising compared to large corporations and you will be more likely to be able to afford similar advertising campaigns.

Joint Venture

The second option is to approach the business owners/managers themselves. Set up a deal. Either, offer them a finders fee for each client they send your way, or tell them to offer your services to their clients and you will do the same to yours. You both find each other clients from your existing base.

Offer Deals

Beyond this you can offer deals to potential clients as well to make your services more enticing. So in an ad or business card you can offer a very low rate per person but require a minimum number of people, a group rate to be split. So instead of paying $400 for a mink eyelashes wholesale artist, a customer can pay only $200 but has to bring along 10 other people at the same price. For women attending a family wedding they will easily put together a large group, and you’ve just made over $2,000 in one day instead of $400 from one.


mink eyelashes wholesale
mink eyelashes wholesale

Plus, you don’t want to forget that the best kind of advertising is word of mouth and once you do a whole group of women’s mink eyelashes wholesale wonderfully they will all save your number for the next time and tell all their friends. If 10 women each tell 2 friends about your services you now have 20 more people who know about your services.

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